Cleaning Instructions
Tough Turtle Windows uses quality materials and workmanship, providing you with the best windows and doors available on the market. Here are some tips for caring for windows and doors. Proper usage, cleaning and maintenance will result in many years of performance.

• Keep lower sill channel clean and free of dirt and debris.
• Apply a small amount of spray lubricant to rollers on movable panel(s) of your window/door. Wipe off any excess lubricant.
• Clean glass and frame with a mild soap solution and rinse with clean water (a mild glass cleaner can be used). Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, wire brushes, petroleum base solvents or corrosive materials.
• Screens can be vacuumed to remove any debris and dust, or may be washed with a soft brush with mild soap solution; then rinse with clean water.
Any use of petroleum based or corrosive materials on insulated glass surfaces is not recommended. This includes oil based lubricants. These products could damage the insulating properties used in the window and void all of the warranties. Tinting or placing foil on the internal side of doors and windows can cause excessive heat and can result in damaging insulated glass.

Care and Maintenance of Brass Hardware
Solid brass hardware is typically factory-finished with clear lacquer. The durability depends on the specific manufacturer involved and the circumstances of wear and environment. Lacquers are affected by pollutants, temperature extremes, ultraviolet light, marine salt air or spray, paint fumes, and household cleaning solutions. Ordinary wear from frequent handling can also affect it. A salt air environment is perhaps the most severe condition frequently encountered, where lacquers can fail in a matter of weeks.

It is strongly recommended that any brass hardware that is used for the outdoors is coated with nonabrasive paste furniture wax or nonabrasive car wax. This waxing is suggested to be done immediately when the hardware is installed, and maintained thereafter.
*Please inquire with a design specialist on available products for your region.