Home replacement windows come in different materials such as fiberglass, wood, vinyl-clad, glass blocks, aluminum-clad and other types of materials. For new construction and replacement windows the most common windows are wood and PVC-u. PVC-u windows have gained popularity because they are more energy efficient, low maintenance, and durable than any other type of material.
The following are terms of what makes a replacement window.

1. Frame – Collaboration of the head, jambs and sills that forms the opening that window sash fits.
2. Glass – A glass sheet within a window frame.
3. Grilles – The bars that divide window glass into small panes. It is also sometimes called a grid, muntin, or window pane divider.
4. Head – Horizontal main part that forms the top of the window frame.
5. Jamb – Main vertical components parts that form the sides of a window frame.
6. Sash – Assembly of rails and stiles that makes the frame to hold the glass.
7. Sill – The horizontal part hat forms the bottom of a frame in a window.

Anatomy of Window Parts

Aluminum clad
Wood parts that are exterior with extruded aluminum, with an applied finish to withstand the elements.

A nontoxic gas used for insulating units to reduce heat transfers.

A device mostly spring loaded used in a single or a double hung window as a counterbalancing of the sash during closing and opening.

Molding or frame that is exposed around the door or window, it can be from the inside or the outside, to cover the space between a window frame or jamb on a wall.

Check rail
The horizontal part of the upper sash and the top horizontal part of a lower sash that meet in the middle of a double-hung window.

Emergency exit window
A fire escape window that is big enough for a person to climb out. Building codes in the US require for each bedroom to provide an exit window.

Fixed panel
A panel that is non operable in a sliding window.

A precise window sash fits that is a combination of the head, jambs and still.

A window frame with a framed sheet of glass.

The main part that forms the top of a window frame.

Integrated Crank with Fold-Away Handle
A window crank that folds on itself, it also improve operation and look by not obstructing with window treatments.

Vertical parts on the sides that make up the window frame.

A maneuver that raises the lower sash in a double hung window.

Lock handle
A mechanism that lock that is located on a handle of a window.

A horizontal or vertical part that combines two or more windows together.

A crank for opening and closing awning or casement windows.

Horizontal part of a window for a single hung, or double hung.

Rails or stiles that are made a frame to hold glass.

Sash lock strike
A lock that is connected to the sashes of a double hung window that can be in a open and closed positions. It secures the window.

Metal, fiberglass or plastic that stretches over a window opening that lets air pass through but not allowing insects.

Screen strike
A fixed device on or in a screen that lock or latch bolts engages when the window closes.

Horizontal part that forms the bottom of a frame in a window.

Framework or sash that is movable in a glazed window that is pivoted and hinged that swings open.

Weep Holes
Single openings in a window sill that allow water to escape.

Weep System
Many tiny openings in a sill that allows moisture to drain to the outside.

Egress window
A window that is low and big to the ground. It allows for an escape in case of an emergency.

Dust pads
Cloth like pads that seal gaps in the corner of a door or window.

Strips made out of rubber that are applied to the sides and the top of the doors, also into double hung, and sliding windows, to seal out any water or air.

Mortise and Tenon Joint
When a piece of wood is inserted into another.

A thing tapered or wedge piece of material, its used to fill small gaps or spaces.

A strip that is on the sides of a window frame that makes a snug fit.

Lock strike
Opening that The opening that catch the bold of door or window lock.

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